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1. Raining Fireballs
From TES issue 33 (May 2005)

Series 8. Level 1/3.

This challenge involved getting through a room whose floor was made up of squared blocks. There didn't appear to be any obstacles at first, but as soon as the dungeoneer began to cross the room, fireballs - one of Lord Fear's favourite weapons in series 8 - began to fall from the ceiling and destroy the floor, block by block. Such was the pattern of the fireballs' assault, it quickly became very difficult to manoeuvre the dungeoneer around the holes that were formed in the floor. The first three fireballs fell just in front of the spot where the dungeoneer entered the room, which meant that either a very careful walk between two gaping holes was required, or a longer alternative route - with the threat of further fireballs falling from the ceiling - had to be very quickly worked out. So, was this challenge really as difficult as I've made it sound here? You bet it was!
 [Related Image] The first team to encounter this challenge was Daniel's [Team 2 of Series 8], and Gideon described it in his typically OTT way: "As the fireballs are coming down, they're sort of killing blocks on the floor, okay? So they've gone!" - Gideon. It was, I feel, a surprisingly hard challenge for level one, although Daniel did manage to get between the first two fireball-holes before the third made the most direct and easy route completely impossible to use. The room was not used again on level one. In fact, it was so tricky that it was moved to level three, as the final challenge before the Quest Chamber.

Nathan's team [Team 3 of Series 8] was the next to attempt this challenge, in the closing stages of level three. The added obstacles of fireballs shooting out from the wall, as well as a very inconveniently placed piece of food, ensured that Nathan fell through a hole in the floor, bagging this room a victim! However, magic from Maldame could have saved the team, if they'd asked for it.
 [Related Image] The third and last team to attempt this room was Dunstan's [Team 6 of Series 8]. There were no fireballs coming out from the wall this time, and it was completed without incident. I could speculate about why that is, but instead...

Difficulty: 9 Surprisingly tricky for level one.
Killer Instinct: 8 One victim out of three is an excellent record.
Gore Factor: 4 A quick disappearing act.
Fairness: 5 Too much for level one, but good in level three.

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