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1. RPG Season 4
The 4th season of the RPG, and the 2nd to be made on film, was filmed in April 2002 during a 6 day film shoot.

This season takes a rather different look at the RPG, basing the season more on plot than on single quests. This season introduced long time characters such as Frégo, Robin & Lucifer, and saw the return of Ixia and Lord Wraith from the RPG Season 3, and introduced its own on-screen Treguard.

Season 4 had a main cast of 8 people. These include Gareth, Lucy, Forester, Kieran, Matt, Pooka, Adam Battersby, and Stephanie Keeler. Mel Hoyle and Rachel Anderson also appeared in a few plot scenes.
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The film location was Manchester, more specifically Salford University in the Adelphi Building's basement.

As of writing, the 4th season of the RPG has yet to be aired. There is currently no set date for its showing.

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