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1. RPG Season 1
The first season in a series of interactive fan-made text adventures based upon Knightmare. RPG1 was held on five consecutive Saturday nights from 16/10/99 to 13/11/99 via sessions in the Knightmare chatroom. Narration of the quests was provided by Adam Battersby (often known by the username Treguard) in the guise of Treguard (RPG).

"When you put food into your knapsack, your life force will go to what is known as condition green. If you tread badly on the path you will lose one grade of life force. Tread badly again and you will perish. Also, I Treguard will be your guide. I will describe objects and settings to you and even talk you through conversations with any people you may meet, friend or foe unfortunately. Any movement you want to make must be done through me." - part of Treguard's introduction

There were five teams in total, whose members in order were: Anton (editor of the fanzine KM); Forester; Michael and Forester (eventual winners, redeeming the Crown); Jon and Nicholas; Fear. The latter was none other than Tim Child:

Fear: Any questions before I sign off?

Forester: Can we copy tapes of Knightmare?

Fear: Don't see why not - I cannot stop you

Mystara: Will you join our assassination squad to CITV?

Fear: You cannot kill dead men

- from Session 5

RPG1 featured many familiar Knightmare characters, including Merlin, Oakley, Julius Scaramonger, Sylvester Hands and an Automatum. There were new characters too, including 'Rubbles, master of the dragon transportation system', Betty and Rocky (a cook and her dog), Olivia (celebrating her birthday during Session 3) and Birena (an anagram of Ribena). Many of the Dungeon folk encountered by the teams did not give their names.

RPG1 was followed in 2000 by RPG Season 2, in which many illustrations showing characters and rooms were used alongside the text.

Transcripts of the RPG1 sessions can be read on

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