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1. Pointless
Popular teatime quiz show in which teams attempt to find obscure answers that members of the public could not think of. Hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, it began in 2009 on BBC2, transferring to BBC1 in 2011. There is also a celebrity version, broadcast on Saturday evenings. Like Knightmare, old episodes of Pointless are repeated on Challenge.

From September to November 2011, a series of 'Knightmare Pointless' games were played on the Forum, hosted by Jake Collins (Eyeshield) using graphics created by Ross Thompson. Selected members of the forum were surveyed via Private Message before each "show", with a range of questions involving characters and creatures, dungeoneers and advisors, clue objects, spells and passwords. The first show's contestants were Ross Thompson (Granitas Is Cute), Ben Fieldhouse (Redthir), Greg Ford (Gregoravich) and Gemma Dwarwood (GéZ), all voice actors from the Knightmare Audio Series. Show 2 featured Rosey Collins, Annie (Canadanne), Amy (shadow6162) and Ben (Pooka). Shows 3 and 4 gave returning players another chance to win, along with new contestant Nick (Lex Luthor). These were followed by a Champion of Champions contest with a particularly nail-biting Head-to-Head final. The format proved successful and was highly praised by players and spectators alike; all five games can be revisited in this subforum.

In February 2016, Richard Osman sent a Twitter greeting to fan and former Knightmare contestant Catrina Kirkland, who was an advisor on Team 5 of Series 4.

Two months later, Knightmare itself was finally mentioned on the programme, in Series 9 Episode 5 of 'Pointless Celebrities' (first shown 30th April 2016). Round 1 involved identifying presenters of UK game shows by their initials. Contestant Iain Lee - a known Knightmare fan - remarked that he "should" remember the name of its host, but could not, and no other team attempted it. Hugo Myatt turned out to be the second lowest-scoring answer on that board, with only 2 of the 100 people correctly naming him.

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