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1. Pixel
 [Related Image] A cheeky, high-voiced pixie who appeared in Series 5. Pixel tended to be found in boxes (though she was once summoned by the spell PIXEL), and would assist dungeoneers by using her needle and flying ability to chase off anyone who was menacing them. This included Sylvester Hands, Skarkill and goblins.

The word pixel is a contraction of the term 'picture element'. Pixel was voiced by Stephanie Hesp, who also appeared as Elita in the same series.

Provided By: David, 2005-04-27 13:39:17
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2. Pixel
From TES issue 51 (May 2008)

Series 5. Level 1/2.

Pixel was a pixie – a pixie with a pricking needle! Her name is actually quite clever, as it plays on the fact that she is a pixie, as well as the way she was created, i.e. with the sort of pixels you find in a computer. These pixels came together to make a short, white female figure, which sported a set of wings and seemed to be carrying a magic wand. Pixel’s high, strident and often aggressive voice was provided by Stephanie Hesp, who is of course most famous for bringing to life the strident and often aggressive Elita.

Pixel’s main function in the quest was as a kind of weapon – she could be used to get rid of Opposition forces by pricking them with her needle. (Frightknights excepted, of course – how could even the sharpest pixie bite hurt their metal components?) This meant that she would usually be carried as a clue object, either in a box or a bottle, although once she was summoned by magic. The summoning spell in this case was called PIXEL, which is the only Knightmare spell that is also a character’s name.

Pixel only made four appearances in Knightmare, but I find them quite memorable, personally. Her function of biting members of the Opposition meant that she would inevitably be given the chance to bite Skarkill or Sylvester Hands, and that’s exactly what she did, twice each. Catherine acquired Pixel in a box after making a pact with Hordriss, and then used her to scare off Skarkill and his goblins. Richard then picked her up in a silver bottle (later in the same episode) and used her to terrorise Hands into giving him the password, although Pixel refused to come out until Richard had found some fresh flowers for her to smell. Sarah was the one to call Pixel by magic, acquiring the spell from Merlin’s Magic Box. Again, Skarkill was the one on the receiving end of the needle.

Pixel’s final appearance came a little later in the series, when Jenna picked her up in a box. She was warned by a scroll not to open the box, which was good advice, as Hands found out when he accosted Jenna and decided to open the box himself, leading to another painful encounter with Pixel. It is possible that Pixel would have been of further use later in the level, as she agreed to accompany Jenna further on her journey, riding in the box. She had previously done the same thing with Catherine, although Richard and Sarah had not had the option of taking Pixel with them any further after she had helped them out once. Interestingly enough, Catherine and Jenna both proceeded to fall off causeways whilst still carrying Pixel, although obviously this did the little pixie no harm, what with her wings and all.

So, despite her somewhat forgettable nature, I quite like Pixel and I find her scenes enjoyable, although obviously there was very little variety that could be injected into them. Pixel was never likely to be more than a one-series-wonder, but she added another entry to Knightmare’s list of featured magical creatures, and she provided some fun moments.

Fear Factor: 6 Ready to bite anyone she didn’t like, including dungeoneers.
Killer Instinct: 1 Painful jabs, but hardly fatal even to goblins.
Humour Rating: 2 Made up a funny rhyme about biting Skarkill for Sarah.
Oscar Standard: 8 The voice was very appropriate to the role, although it gave Pixel quite a similar character to Elita.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2008-07-01 09:13:41
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3. Pixel
 [Related Image] This spell was found on a spell scroll in a chest unlocked by Team 3 of Series 5. When cast, it summoned Pixel herself (see other definition). According to Brother Mace, the spell was left behind by Merlin, which seems a little odd, as Pixel and Merlin were never featured in the same series. PIXEL was dispelled as LEXIP.

Provided By: David, 2018-10-04 18:00:16
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