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1. Panpipes
Wind instrument made from reeds or pipes bound together. They are of differing lengths to give differing sounds.

When Team 6 of Series 6 encountered Elita on Level 3, the cavern elf had a set of panpipes that she claimed had belonged to Pan (Greek mythology's god of the countryside) himself. When Skarkill was threatening dungeoneer Sophia, Elita played a tune on the pipes, causing Skarkill to dance involuntarily out of the room and into a pit. A clip of this scene has been uploaded to the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel.

The original pipes of Pan are present in The Sorcerer’s Isle gamebook as well. If the player meets Pan and is found to be rurally-minded enough, he gives them his panpipes. These can be used later to deal with a vampire attack.

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