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1. Nik Kershaw
Enduringly popular British singer-songwriter, born in 1958. He is best known for his hit singles of the 1980s, several of which have been rewritten by by Forum members as themed parodies, or filks. These include:

You Might (1984)
Parodied by Drassil (David) as 'UNITE'. Its subject is the use of the UNITE spell in Knightmare Series 3 and Series 4.

Wide Boy (1985)
Parodied by Drassil as 'Wight, Boy'. Its themes were Team 6 of Series 1 (who encountered cavernwights), Team 4 of Series 3 (who took a minecart 'ride, boy' to Level 3) and Team 1 of Series 8 (who got 'fried, boy' by Bhal-Shebah). 'Overnight success | Exceed excess' was changed to 'Cavernwight success | It seeks by scent'.

Bogart (1984)
Parodied by Drassil as 'Treguard'. In the first verse, Lissard complains to Treguard about Lord Fear; in the second verse, Lord Fear complains to Treguard about Lissard. The original's reference to 'gin or Monopoly' was changed to 'Knightmare monopoly', as played by Lord Fear and Lissard during the quest by Team 2 of Series 8.

One Step Ahead (1989)
Parodied by Drassil. Following a performance review from Lord Fear that puts Sylvester Hands 'one step ahead of poo', Hands reminisces about his victory against Team 4 of Series 6. He refers also to his encounters with Team 1 of Series 6 and Team 3 of Series 6.

The One and Only (1991)
Written by Nik Kershaw and recorded by Chesney Hawkes. This was parodied by Drassil as 'The Hun and Lonely', in which actor Michael Cule confessed to a preference for playing Brother Mace over Fatilla (although this is said to be the opposite of Michael Cule's real-life preference). The One and Only was used in 2010 as the soundtrack for a fan video by Canadanne (Annie), Knightmare - The One And Only Lord Fear. Annie has written that she 'was pleased that it turned out as well as I had imagined. I was particularly tickled by the CGI Brollachan's perfect lip-synching to one line, which was entirely accidental but very appropriate! As a surprise bonus, the actor Mark Knight got to see the video and contacted me to express his approval. :D'

In 2003 in one of the forum's comedy threads, Drassil attributed the cryptic chorus of Nik Kershaw's 1984 hit The Riddle to the Oracle of Confusion. Eleven years later, he wrote a tongue-in-cheek article for titled 'Why Nik Kershaw's The Riddle is about Knightmare' which suggested that every line of the song was a reference to an aspect of Knightmare. "Pieces of Valentine" was said to refer to actor Paul Valentine (Motley and others); "Wise man's child" was claimed to be a contraction of "A wise man is Tim Child".

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