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1. Moving Keyhole
From TES issue 29 (September 2004)

Series 1. Level 2.

This challenge featured a room with five doors, all sharing one golden keyhole that moved from door to door with a quick disappearing/reappearing act. It only appeared twice in the programme, for Simon and Danny, but it was quite an interesting challenge, if not a particularly complicated or difficult one. The main part of the challenge was using Casper the key to open one of the doors, assuming that the dungeoneer had picked him up in the level two clue room. Seeing as both Simon and Danny had picked Casper up, they should both have been able to get through easily. Er, shouldn't they?
 [Related Image] Simon's experiences were relatively successful. He managed to unlock the central door without too much fuss, following Casper's directions. This door was the easiest to unlock, as the keyhole blinked twice there before moving to another door. Danny, however, took much longer with this challenge. He seemed to experience terrible problems with the task, and Casper summed up the problem nicely: "Danny... you're too short!" - Casper. As he could not reach the locks, most of Danny's time in this room was taken up with Casper and the advisors yelling desperate instructions at him as the keyhole moved from door to door, and Danny just standing there, completely at a loss. At last Danny seemingly managed to open the central door, but it was a right old farce!

Danny's attempts at the challenge were obviously so bad that the moving keyhole challenge was scrapped. The final dungeoneer of the series, Richard, had a much easier task with Casper in level two - to unlock one single door that was next to a fire exit. Casper complained that the task was too easy for him, but there was worse to come for the little key in the next series as Casper was seemingly completely forgotten about until the penultimate episode of the series, eventually making two short appearances in the final two episodes.

Difficulty: 5 Was Casper a help or a hindrance? I can't decide.
Killer Instinct: 0 Not really a killer; more of a vehicle for Casper.
Gore Factor: 0 If anything, a life force clock running down.
Fairness: 9 Shouldn't have been too much for level two.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-01-21 21:57:51
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