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1. Mogga
Nickname for Mogdred coined on the Forum in 2002 by user Grimaldine Grimwold. This sobriquet, while being amusingly at odds with Mogdred's seriousness, complemented GG's appreciation for the character, as evidenced in a number of his comments, including:

'I liked Mogga a lot too. Looking back, I quite like the fact he could take things seriously. I certainly found him a lot more scary than [Lord] Fear. That evil laugh, wow.'

'Perhaps [in a Knightmare movie] Sir Ian McKellen could play both Merlin and Mogga?'

'Lord Fear and Mogga could have used Queen's Another One Bites The Dust (in true Gladiators style) every time they finished off one of the dungeoneers. ;)'

'I think BUT would have frozen Mogga temporarily, giving [Team 1 of Series 4] enough time to either a) get out, or b) cast TRANSFORMATION.'

'I do think John Woodnutt played Mogga so much better than he played Merlin'

By 2003, forum user Moana Liza was also using Mogga to refer to Mogdred. Drassil did likewise in 2012 and 2013 and is the last recorded user of the amusing term.

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