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1. Medusa eye
A magical item procured by Lord Fear in Series 6. He claimed that it would turn a person to stone when looked at or exposed, suggesting that it was one of Medusa's original eyes, or that it possessed the same properties. The Medusa eye was stored in a "Genoese box of delights", and Lord Fear hoped that dungeoneer Alan (Team 3 of Series 6) would unwittingly open it. However, Alan had been forewarned by a spyglass scene, and after receiving the box from 'Harris', passed it onto Heggatty without opening it.
 [Related Image] She did open it, but wasn't turned to stone, and explained that the Medusa eye doesn't work on witches (a possible nod to the role of Greek mythology's own Grey Sisters in helping Perseus to slay Medusa - or perhaps just a plot convenience). Heggatty took the item away with her.
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