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1. Majida
From TES issue 24 (November 2003)

Series 7/8
 [Related Image] Treguard's genial second assistant was played by American actress Jackie Sawiris. At the start of series 7, Treguard accidentally released Majida from a bottle. She had apparently been in there for six and a half days, waiting for Treguard to arrive so that she could deliver a message from Pickle - his resignation, of course - and take up her post as his new assistant. On first appearances Majida appeared to be cheeky, strident and very obnoxious, and Treguard had serious misgivings about having her as his assistant. I think his doubts were entirely founded because, although Majida was unarguably a direct replacement for Pickle, she was obviously intended to be a very strong character in her own right rather than just a substitute.

Whereas Pickle had always been ready to humbly serve Treguard as he saw fit, Majida was obstinate and disobedient. She constantly objected to the tasks that Treguard gave her, and always talked back to him. Doubtless this banter was supposed to be funny, but I personally found it rather annoying. Majida could have been a very interesting character, as she was Knightmare's only genie, a creature from Eastern mythology. The trouble is that she was always intended to be something of a joke, as her principal role was to banter with Treguard. If you want evidence of this, just look at her full name:
Daughter of the Setting Moon, Whose Eyes are like Daggers in the Hearts of Men who guard the Great Caravan of the Sultan.
If that's not made up purely to make us laugh, what is?

Don't get me wrong, though - I know that some people like Majida - better than Pickle, even - and I think that she was an interesting and fresh addition to the programme. However, her doubtful comedy value and her constant insubordination to Treguard deny Majida of her place on my personal list of favourite characters.

Despite her objections, Majida did eventually do as she was told, and sometimes contributed information to the quest. As an assistant, Majida performed her role to a reasonable standard, although often grudgingly.

Fear Factor: 3 She was very assertive!
Killer Instinct: 0 Such was her role.
Humour Rating: 5 Sometimes laughed at her own inane chatter.
Oscar Standard: 6 Well, I couldn't tell she was really American. Could you?

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2. Majida
Assistant to Treguard from Series 7-8, taking over the role from Pickle the elf. Majida was a Genie who had been trapped in her bottle for 6 and one half days when Treguard let her out. She was played by Jackie Sawiris. Majida spoke with a Hispanic accent, her character was very easily annoyed and often clashed with Treguard over the game being too difficult. A picture of one such clash:
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Provided By: ringmasterrob, 2004-10-25 21:27:09
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