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1. Mad Cow
The Mad Cow was mentioned during a conversation between Lord Fear and Sylvester Hands, witnessed via spyglass by Team 6 of Series 7 (a.k.a. dungeoneer Julie's quest, not Barry's as stated elsewhere). Lord Fear warned his henchman against "boozing it up at the Mad Cow" before going on to describe Hands' low tolerance for alcohol. This information proved useful to Julie and the team, who were able to get Hands amiably inebriated later in Level 2.

Contrary to what is stated elsewhere, a number of drinking establishments were seen on Knightmare, though the only one to be both seen and named was the Crazed Heifer inn. Although the Crazed Heifer hadn't been referred to since Series 5, it's reasonable to speculate that "Mad Cow" was a simplified reference to it: a display of bluntness and comic effect on Lord Fear's part perhaps.

Earlier in Series 7, Team 4 of Series 7 had encountered Hands apparently drunk in an unspecified tavern, singing an altered version of Greensleeves. Marta did not take kindly to being serenaded, but would have taken even less kindly to being identified as a mad cow.

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2. Mad Cow
In Barry's quest during Season 7, Lord Fear was overseen having a conversation with Sylvester Hands through a spyglass.
Fear shouted at Hands for some of the annoying things he had apparently done, including talking to the Brollachan, and finished off his speech with "...and NO! You are not to go boozing it up at the Mad Cow!"

Presumably the Mad Cow is some sort of tavern. The only tavern seen in Knightmare so far is the Crazed Heifer, and as 'crazed heifer' means 'mad cow', it may be a safe assumption to believe that they are exactly the same place, and that either Fear is trying to drive home the message to Hands, or it has changed its name to attract more dim clientelle.

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