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1. Little John
One of Robin Hood's legendary Merry Men. Treguard meets and befriends him on his way to Dunshelm (in the Can You Beat The Challenge? novella), and learns that although Little John is a variation on his real name of Paul Littlejohn, he is in actuality a tall man.

Little John and four cohorts accompany Treguard when he rides out in search of the abducted Folly and the magic shield he needs to retake Dunshelm. A fierce battle ensues when they are attacked by Vestan (the murderer of Treguard's family) and his troops, but Little John helps Treguard keep a clear head amidst his burning thoughts of vengeance, and is one of only two Merry Men to survive the conflict. Sincere in his courage and loyalty, he is even willing to continue on to Dunshelm with Treguard and Folly afterwards.

The Knightmare RPG Season 4 character of Lance has been tentatively linked to Little John.

Team 9 of Series 5 named Little John and Friar Tuck when asked by Gwendoline to give the names of two of the Merry Men.

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2. Little John
Lance, who appears in RPG Season 4, has a bond with Robin very close to that which Robin Hood supposedly had with his faithful companion. It is unknown whether Lance is linked to Little John in any way or not.

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