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1. Little Hall
A 14th century hall house on the main square of Lavenham, a medieval village near Sudbury in Suffolk. It was opened to the public in 1978 and now operates as a museum, owned by the Suffolk Building Preservation Trust. Click here to visit the website.
 [Related Image] The last three teams of Series 4 came across this building in the Forest of Dun, with music emanating from within. Pickle identified it as an inn called The Crazed Heifer: "It's a notorious gathering place for thieves and fellow travellers."

Treguard: "Inns like this are dubious places, but information and supplies can be had here. No adventure is without risk, and the risk is up to you."

The path outside the inn was always haunted by a Pooka, leaving them with little choice but to hurry indoors.

The inside of the tavern was filmed at Dragon Hall in Norwich.

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