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1. Level 5
"Level 5" is a fanfic written by Benjamin "Pooka" Maydon. It is set entirely in Knightmare RPG continuity, and as such, only features characters present in the RPG.

Level 5 is an attempt to bridge the gap between RPG Season 6, which ended with a cataclysm, and the start of RPG Season 7. It explains the departure of RPG characters such as Jeremy Gaylords and the arrival of new characters such as Ah Mok.

Treguard (RPG), Frégo, Merlin (RPG), King Tharadus and Robin all appear as major characters, with many other RPG characters making at least one appearance. It also spotlights Prince Isárion, who dies in the story.

The main story centres around a malevolent force known as the "Dark One", posing a threat to all the powerful characters in the Dungeon. In terms of RPG canon, it explains a lot of things which may not be clear by the time Season 7 starts.

For the curious, a PDF of the fanfic is available here.

Provided By: Pooka, 2014-09-08 17:02:31
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