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1. Leo
 [Related Image] The forename of Knightmare's 23rd dungeoneer, that of Team 4 of Series 3. Leo Smith hailed from Bromley and was the 4th dungeoneer to quest for the Chalice.

As well as having a first name unique among KM contestants, Leo's other distinctions include being the first dungeoneer to be spoken to by Hordriss, the last to encounter the giant foot, Medusa and a gargoyle (until Arthur in KMVR), the first to travel between levels by minecart, the last to be gifted three spells by Merlin and the only one to spend temporal disruption in Mogdred's presence (between Episodes 5 and 6, the 2nd and 3rd in which Leo appeared).

Leo is also the name of a character to be found in the gamebook section of The Labyrinths of Fear. Brother Leo is a tall, kindly, bespectacled monk at work on a beautiful illuminated manuscript in a poorly lit cell. If the player meets him and gives him a candle, Leo shares monastic knowledge that helps the player later to call upon the saints' protection without having to guess which saint is appropriate for which danger.

In 2012, Labyrinths of Fear author Dave Morris confirmed in his blog that it was "no coincidence at all" that Brother Leo shared the forename of the illustrator Leo Hartas, Dave Morris' friend and collaborator. Brother Leo was later mentioned in the Knightmare fanfic By The Grace of Gretel.

Leo has remained a well liked name among various Knightmare fans. It is also the Latin word for lion.

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