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1. Leeds Castle
Located in Kent, formerly the residence of Anne Boleyn, and used as the location of the Tower Of Time, the way into Level 3 on the far side of the Dunswater, in Series 4.

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This photo is from The Quest.

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2. Leeds Castle
The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Leeds Castle:
 [Related Image] Every dungeoneer in Series 4 was questioned by Dooris at the gatehouse.
 [Related Image] Team 7 of Series 4 also found the entrance to the Conveyer Belt here.
 [Related Image] The same gateway was usually pasted onto a different background.
 [Related Image] Level 2 was completed with a trip across the lake.
Boatman: "Deep is the Dunswater, and cold. The fare for the crossing is silver or gold."
 [Related Image] Merlin named their destination as the Tower of Time.
 [Related Image] Entering the Tower. (The staircase inside was filmed at Castle Rising in Norfolk, however.)
 [Related Image] Team 5 and Team 6 of Series 4 met Gundrada in this Level 2 room (once the site of a water mill).
 [Related Image] The dungeoneer would exit via the mill race.
 [Related Image] Gundrada demonstrated her sword skills in this room during the final end credits of Series 4.
 [Related Image] An edited version of the room, with the waterfall removed and a CGI floor added, was used for Level 2 character encounters.
 [Related Image] It was also the home of the other weeping doors, Doorkis...
 [Related Image] ...and Dooreen, where the image was flipped around.
 [Related Image] The end credits of Series 4 episode 12 showed water cascading over a carved stone face, located in the Underworld grotto at the centre of the castle's maze. It represents the legendary fire-breathing giant Typhoeus, the "father of all monsters" in Greek mythology (including Cerberus, on whom Festus is based). He is seen holding up the weight of Mount Etna where he was trapped by Zeus, with eyes aflame and lava flowing from his mouth. [Thanks to Ross Thompson & Jake Collins for identifying this sculpture!]

Leeds Castle is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

A selection of photographs taken by Jake Collins can be found in Issues 46 and 47 of The Eye Shield. Photographs taken by Canadanne in April 2013 can be found here.

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3. Leeds Castle
Additionally, here is a picture of how Leeds Castle looks in reality.
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Given to Edward I in 1278, the castle was also home the Henry VIII on occasion, as well as 6 other Queens.

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