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1. Lawrence Werber
Lawrence Werber played Cedric the mad monk in the first two series of Knightmare. He also provided the voice of Casper the key, and is believed to have been the voice of Knightmare's first dragon, appearing on Level 3 in both of Series 2's winning quests.
 [Related Image] Other screen credits include:
- Seal Morning (1 episode, 1986), as a keeper
- The Bill (1 episode, 1990), as Mr Bryant
- Love Hurts (1 episode, 1992), as a synagogue congregant
- To Play The King (1 episode, 1993), as a returning officer
- Between The Lines (1 episode, 1993), as a neighbour
- Fist Of Fun (1 episode, 1995), as a vicar
- History Trail: Mighty Monuments (educational video, 1996), recreating characters and stories associated with a medieval castle
- Eskimo Day (TV movie, 1996), as a coach driver
- Trial & Retribution (1 episode, 1998), as a surgeon
- Simon Magus (film, 1999), as Zeidel the Carter
- Masterpiece Theatre: The Merchant Of Venice (TV movie, 2001), as Tubal
- After The Father Has Chosen (short film, 2014), as cult leader Anthony Marsenne

Lawrence is primarily a theatre actor. His appearances in Shakespeare plays include The Taming of the Shrew, Antony & Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and multiple productions of The Merchant of Venice; in 1978 he played Capulet alongside real-life partner Valerie Irving in Romeo and Juliet. In 1998 he shared a stage with Anthony Donovan, who also had a stint in Knightmare as Grimaldine and the Brollachan in Series 7.
 [Related Image] The original cast of critically acclaimed play 100, which premiered at the 2002 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, featured Lawrence as the enigmatic Guide (a Charon-like role); one reviewer called him "brilliant and ever-reliable", while another said: "Lawrence Werber is an actor you cannot look away from. He has the great gift of stillness."

In 2007 he starred in Double Negative, written and directed by his daughter Cassie Werber. His performance as John, a lonely man obsessed with monitoring the house next door, was described as "outstanding". Later that month he played taxi driver Sasha in The Slow Sword, and was praised for having "a natural appeal and an uncanny resemblance to Robert De Niro". At the 2008 Hotbed Festival, his "hard-drinking performance with a dead fish" in Sweet Smell Of Success gained him an honourable mention in the One Page Play competition.

His role in 2011's The Water Engine was noted as a highlight by one audience member, who felt he "brought such wonderful detail to the candy store owner". (Also appearing in this play was Katharine Bennett-Fox, an advisor in Team 3 of Series 4.) He played Marion's guardian Makepeace in the RSC's Christmas production The Heart of Robin Hood that year, with numerous reviewers commenting on the scene in which his tongue was gorily cut out by Guy of Gisborne.
 [Related Image] Lawrence was a co-founder of regional touring theatre company Eastern Angles, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012. David Learner (Pickle) was a cast member in their 1996 production Fields, as reported in The Eye Shield at the time; his blog can be read on the company's website.

In addition to acting, Lawrence is an experienced dental surgeon and runs a practice in Suffolk, specialising in cosmetic dentistry.

In 2013, he shared the following thoughts with KM fan David (Drassil): "I am constantly being surprised by the amount of interest Knightmare continues to provoke. There is no doubt that it was ahead of its time, and it's nice to know people are still enjoying it."

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