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1. Kully
A character inspired by Knightmare and created by Emii. Kully's first fanfiction appearance was in a December 2002 story also named Kully. Pickle explains her arrival to Treguard:

"... during the time I was back in the woods, the break between the fourth and fifth season, the elf king told Kully here that when she was old enough in the fifteenth season, she was to come and take my place. Then I left because of that rude genie, and I didn't think I would be back, and then I did come back, and Kully's path was never here she is."

" how exactly do you two know each other?"

"She's my sister." Pickle sulked.

Kully became known as the Knightmare Discussion Forum's 'resident elf', being depicted by Emii as a companion who sat alongside her and sometimes interjected as she was posting.

During 2003, Kully had four further fanfiction appearances: The Battle Of Twinn (in which we learnt that her full name is Kulaemii) & Are You There? (an unfinished fanfic) by Emii, plus Interactive Story #1 & Interactive Story #2, each the work of Emii and several other authors. And it was other authors who were responsible for Kully's two fanfiction appearances of 2004: What's In A Name? by HStorm, and Knightmare: Resurrection by James Aukett.

However, 2003 and 2004 were the years that saw Kully grow beyond fanfiction stories. In April 2003, Emii brought Kully to life as a character in Season 5 of the Knightmare RPG. She reprised the role the following April at Knightmare RPG Season 6.

Between these KMRPG appearances, Emii began playing Kully at 'Aber LARP' (Live Action RolePlay) events, giving Kully an existence beyond the online KM fan community; yet it was also during said inter-RPG period that Kully's place in the KM community was cemented, by her becoming a character on Emii's Knightmare Roleplay Forum. Kully was last seen there in 2007, when she reentered Wolfenden after an unexplained absence.

As for the RPGs, Kully was mentioned by other characters during scenes of Knightmare RPG Season 7 (filmed in August 2005), but did not appear.

More recently, Kully appeared in The Soul Search, Crystal the Cat Demon and Knightmare vs Ace Attorney, fanfics written by Crystal6162 in 2011, KM Chat with the Knightmare characters! and Lord Fear's Death Note by the same author in 2012 and Level 5 by Pooka in 2012.

An illustration of Kully by Crystal6162 can be seen here.

In July 2013, Emii signalled her return to the Forum by re-registering under the name Kully.

To sum up:

'Kully started off as a Mary-Sue in a fanfiction, as I thought Pickle was the best character ever ;D Eventually she moved away from being Pickle's sister and she is occasionally associated as being so, but mainly she is just Kully - I've developed her through Aber LARP and the KMRPG ... plus other fanfictions and daydreaming.'

- Emii, Knightmare Roleplay, December 2003

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2. Kully
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1)Character: Earth elf, possibly kin of Pickle who has been present in two seasons of the RPG and about three fanfics. Generally friendly but a bit silly and naive. Friends with Robin.

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2) Forum name: one of two names used by forum-dweller Emii.

3) Fanfiction by this name introducing Kully as a character. The first appearance as Kully, mostly as a Mary Sue.

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