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1. Knightmare Top Trumps
'A short but educational card game featuring Knightmare characters' that was part of The Quest Issues 3.1 and 3.2. Readers were advised to cut out the cards and glue them to cardboard.

Age, Power, Magyck, Goodness, Appearance, Health

Part I (Issue 3.1):
Treguard, Majida, Hordriss, Sidriss, Romahna, Rothberry, Grimaldine, Lord Fear, Brother Strange, Fidjit, Smirkenorff, Motley, Marta, Greystagg, Ah Wok, The Brollachan, Lissard, Sylvester Hands ('Sly Hands'), Grippa & Rhark [goblins], Raptor

Part II (Issue 3.2) - 'characters from the past':
Merlin, Pickle, Folly, Mellisandre, Gretel, Elita, The Troll, Lillith, Captain Nemanor ('Neamanor'), Ridolfo, Brother Mace, Velda, Gwendoline, 'Fatilla the hun', Julius Scaramonger, Sir Hugh de Witless (sic), Frightknight, Gundrada, Aesandre, Skarkill

Each card contained a biography of the character. Many of these expanded on information given in the TV episodes, including the fates of some departed characters. As with other parts of The Quest, inconsistencies make it difficult to treat this information as 'canon'.

A Knightmare Top Trumps set has also been created by at least one Knightmare fan.

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