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1. Knightmare Convention
An event held at Epic Studios in Norwich on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May 2014. Organised by Alan Boyd and for fans of Knightmare, the convention was crowdfunded via a 21-day campaign on Indiegogo, allowing contributors to buy tickets and merchandise in advance. The convention was preceded on Friday 9th by a performance of Knightmare Live at Epic Studios.

Guests at the Knightmare Convention were Hugo Myatt (Treguard), Mark Knight (Lord Fear, Sir Hugh, Ah Wok, Rothberry), Cliff Barry (Lissard, Brother Strange, Raptor), Iona Kennedy (Sidriss, Greystagg, Maldame), Knightmare illustrator David Rowe and Knightmare creator and producer Tim Child. Mark and Iona both appeared in costume during the convention as Lord Fear and Sidriss respectively.

Events during the convention included: Question & Answer Sessions with the guests; live demonstrations of Dungeon room drawing by David Rowe; showings of the extended and re-edited Geek Week 2013 episode of Knightmare; showings of Lords of the Game, a Knightmare-based pilot episode made in 1992 for the American market; chromakey photos with the guests and original props, including the earlier Helmet of Justice and Eyeshield; the chance to play the Corridor of Blades (customisable 2013/Geek Week version) while wearing the later Helmet of Justice; DJing by Nintendisco; Late Night with Lord Fear, a spoof chat show; Lord Fear's Midnight Hunt, an outdoor treasure hunt for the Cup that Heals.

Some events were held on both days for the benefit of attendees who had opted for one-day tickets. Certain events were exclusively available to guests, crew and those who had made the highest pledges on Indiegogo: the Backstage Pass and Contributors' Meal.

Merchandise for sale included mugs, T-shirts and sweaters from the days of the Knightmare Adventurers Club, as well as Knightmare Convention programmes and T-shirts. A DVD of footage filmed at the convention was released to the those who had selected it as an Indiegogo perk. The DVD included Late Night with Lord Fear, a generous array of Q&A clips and one of David Rowe's drawing sessions.

During some of the earliest discussions of a Knightmare convention, on the forum in 2004, it was suggested that since Knightmare enhanced so many young lives, a children's charity be considered. This idea was well received. After the 2014 convention, which was not run for profit, it proved possible to make a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. forum members who attended or crewed the Knightmare Convention included Alex_Smith, Billy Hicks, Dessimat0r, deviantgent, dogmanjack, Drassil, dugeoneerborne, Forester, FoxyLF, GlennC81, Granitas Is Cute (Ross Thompson), Gretel, Greystagg, Gundrada, HobGoblin, James Aukett (the Indiegogo campaign's highest named contributor), KaM, Karinsky, Kieran, malibupete, Mashibinbin, Mogdred2k14, Myatt (Matt), Mystara, Paul McIntosh, Pooka, Rachelesque, Rhea, Sophira, Skarkill, Spawn of Fear and Snowcat.

The success of the 2014 convention has led to discussion of further Knightmare conventions being held in times to come. A Knightmare fan community test of another late night treasure hunt took place in York in February-March 2015 and another in Whitby in 2016.

Hugo Myatt and David Rowe have been guests and speakers at numerous conventions since 2014, enabling them to meet many more Knightmare fans.

The Knightmare Convention was mentioned at the IWMW conference in July 2018, when an introduction was given for's Keith McDonald (KaM) prior to his talk.

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