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1. Knightmare Chat
The general term for chat sessions that take place in #Knightmare. It is more a reference to the channel name than to discussion topics, which may or may not concern Knightmare. To quote IKM: 'There was light and the Knightmare chat room started on a humble Sunday evening in September '99' (although it is remembered by Billy as being October 1999). Although access to #Knightmare is ongoing throughout the week, official Knightmare Chat sessions convene on Sundays at 8pm (having contracted over time from Fridays-Sunday evenings), although the chatroom is only closed at times of technomagical disruption. Alan Boyd (Mystara) is regarded as its most recent owner.

Knightmare Chat continues to attract newcomers, occasional visitors and regular users from the Knightmare fan community. Members of the latter group have been known to lend the chatroom a soap opera-like quality by creating situations that may vary and develop from weekend to weekend. The following entries provide illustrations of this: #Knightmare weddings, #Knightmare Knews, White Hole, Aranel’s Kitchen, Parallel universe, Cake, Tumbleweed, Themes in Knightmare Chat, Titanic, tea, coffee.

Some of those who appear in Knightmare Chat are not real people but chatbots (Skeletron, Q, Cypher, Jobe/Jobey, Caei), and have been known to divert a baffling amount of attention.

As well as chatting, games are regularly played in Knightmare Chat. Examples are the Knightmare RPGs up to and including RPG Season 3, Knightmare Trivia, Ultimate Werewolf and Avalon. Chatroom games based on popular TV gameshows have been a staple of the chatroom and a Knightmare element has often been incorporated. More information is available on the following: Blind Date, The People Versus You, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Deal Or No Deal, Catchphrase.

Connection information is available on IKM and here on Chat logs have been made available on IKM.

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