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1. Knightmare Characters in the Books
The Lexicon's Character entries, while informative, do not all carry information on whether the character also appeared in any of the gamebook sections of the Knightmare books. This entry is intended to remedy that, by listing the familiar Knightmare TV characters that appeared in books.

For information on which KM characters appeared in specific KM novellas, please check the entry/TES review of that book.

Can You Beat The Challenge? (1988):
Treguard, Merlin, Lillith, Folly, Granitas the wall monster, Cedric, Ariadne, Troll, Gargoyle, Mildread (as Mildred)

The Labyrinths Of Fear (1989):
Treguard, Merlin, Lillith, Granitas, Cedric, Motley, Mogdred (as Mordred), Mildread, Talking Bird, Velda, goblins, Troll

Fortress Of Assassins (1990):
Treguard, Pickle, Granitas, Motley, Hordriss (as Hordris), Mellisandre, Malice

The Sorcerer's Isle (1991):
Treguard, Lillith (as Lilith), Cedric, Mildread

The Quest For The Dragon's Egg (a.k.a. gamebook section of The Forbidden Gate, 1992):
Treguard, Pickle, Motley, Hordriss, Julius Scaramonger, Sylvester Hands. Mentioned but not seen: Lord Fear, Gatemaster, Aesandre (as Aesandra)

The Future King (a.k.a. gamebook section of The Dragon's Lair, 1993):
Treguard, Hordriss, Aesandre, Gatemaster, Brother Mace, Gwendoline

Lord Fear's Domain (1994):
Sylvester Hands, Brother Strange, Marta, Ah Wok, Fidjit, Majida, Sir Hugh de Wittless (as Sir Hugh de Witless), goblins Grippa and Rhark, Hordriss, Sidriss, Motley, Greystagg, Brother Mace, Brollachan, Lord Fear. Mentioned but not seen: Treguard (even though he appears in an illustration), Merlin

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