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1. Kidwelly Castle
 [Related Image]

A 12th century Norman castle in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at Kidwelly Castle:

 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 5 began their quest with an Eyeshield sequence through the Great South Gatehouse...
 [Related Image] ...and into the Outer Ward, where a freestanding portal was found immediately to their left. The South-East Tower and south wall of the Inner Ward can be seen straight ahead.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 5 went up a staircase from the Inner Ward...
 [Related Image] ...and into the South-West Tower.
 [Related Image] The remains of a Great Hall (added in the late 15th century) were seen twice in Series 5. Team 3 used a spyglass here, while Team 7 had to convince Brother Mace that their dungeoneer was not a goblin. The South-West Tower can be seen behind.
 [Related Image] A similar Tudor building of unknown use was seen in Alex's quest when Sir Hugh rescued him from Skarkill. Here the North-East Tower is visible in the background.

Kidwelly Castle is now in the care of Cadw and is open to the public. Click here to visit the website.

A selection of photographs taken by Canadanne in June 2014 can be found here.

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