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1. January
 [Related Image] January Payne was the fourth dungeoneer in Series 6. Lord Fear, speaking via the antechamber's magic mirror, addressed her by name before her quest had even started.

January's teammates in Team 4 of Series 6 called her Jan. Merchant Julius Scaramonger, upon learning January's name, asked her if she'd "come for the sales".

An article in The Quest revealed that prior to filming the quest, January's teammate Sarah Halsall 'fell off her chair at the cinema [and tore] an inside ligament.' Sarah added that "I was going to be the dungeoneer until it happened, but January had to do it at the last minute because I couldn't really walk!"

The month of January is a not insignificant one for Knightmare. was founded in January 1999; Challenge TV's first full series of Knightmare repeats (Series 3) started in January 2003.

If your calendar's anything like mine, January is followed by February.

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