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1. Innocent Loverboy
Blog and social media alias. Though mainly concerned with sexual experiences, often graphically so, Innocent Loverboy has revealed himself to be a Knightmare fan, with references to Treguard, Doorkis, Fatilla, the Chamber of Opposite Extraction, Smirkenorff, Pickle, Barry Thorne and Knightmare Series 3. He has claimed that he 'could discuss, in detail, all eight series of Knightmare' but his blog does not take this route.

A number of posts have been identified as referring to Knightmare fan meetups, AegisQuest filming and members of the online Knightmare community. These posts have featured misreporting, misquotation, apparent plagiarism and deliberate breaches of privacy. Although Innocent Loverboy has pointed to his own victimhood on various occasions, his posts are themselves causes of significant consternation and distress.

Innocent Loverboy adds insult to injury by his use of ineffective pseudonyms. Among these is 'Knightmare Winner', a name which Innocent Loverboy describes as 'a bit of a no-brainer'.

It is hoped that if Innocent Loverboy considers himself unwelcome among other Knightmare fans, he will come to understand why and act to rectify the damage he has caused.

See: Pooka

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