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1. Ingard
 [Related Image] Benevolent character introduced in Knightmare RPG Season 6. A well-schooled but naive gentleman who had escaped an ogre attack on his hometown of Temphor and been found by Kully, Ingard was given a new life in the Dungeon by Treguard (RPG) as an apothecary for the Powers That Be and a helper of dungeoneers. Ingard was frequently riled by Drassil, who struck up a marketplace rivalry with him and awarded him such nicknames as "Bingard" and "Ingrid". Although Ingard continued into RPG Season 7, he was destined not to remain long in the Dungeon.

Ingard was played by Jason, who also played RPG6's Automatum and RPG7's Toddy. He is featured in the fanfics Knightmare: Resurrection and Level 5, inevitably alongside Drassil. A filk about Ingard, Going Through The Potions, was adapted to refer to Rothberry prior to publication on the Forum in 2004.

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