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1. In The Afterlife, Nobody Can Hear You Scream
A Knightmare fanfic by Andrew Buckley, published on NKTP in September 2000. It is a sequel to The Clearing which was published a month earlier. The title is based on the tagline of the 1979 film Alien ("In space, no one can hear you scream").

While Treguard mourns his old friend Pickle, the elf is trapped in the Afterlife, unable to return unless the Dungeon Master can be convinced that he is still alive - despite having witnessed his death. Meanwhile, Hordriss suffers a bereavement of his own.

In The Void Of Creativity, it is implied that Andrew wrote the fanfic in response to a complaint by Lucy (Sidriss Starshine) about Pickle's death in The Clearing.

An archived copy of the story can be read here.

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