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1. Holmgarth
 [Related Image] When Holmgarth became part of Level 1 in Series 6, it was familiar to Treguard though not to Pickle. Treguard described Horngarth as "a border post that guards the way between fair paths and foul", and told Team 1 of Series 6 that it was likely to be the last safe haven of their quest. The settlement's main attraction proved to be a distinctive cone-shaped hut with a supply chamber.
 [Related Image] Towards the end of Series 6, Hordriss mentions his concern that Lord Fear's red dragon will endanger Holmgarth.

The spelling of Holmgarth is conjecture based on how it was pronounced by Treguard and Hordriss. has referred to it as Horngarth. Holmgarth was in reality the Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Holmgarth featured on the Knightmare Roleplay Forum in 2011 when it was visited by Robin.

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