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1. Hetein
A mysteriously-named Knightmare website owner, Hetein was a student at the University of Bristol who, despite Johnny Burkhart's claim that he owned the only Knightmare website in the world, had a small Knightmare website of his/her own.

The site's address was, and its introductory text read, "Well, this is where my Knightmare page should eventually be, but I'm still sorting things out, so don't expect any of the links to work yet." It was headed by the Knightmare logo, in the classic red-on-black style.

None of the pages were actually finished, and the only working link led to "Treguard's Knightmare web page" (The Homepage Of Knightmare). It is a safe assumption that Hetein, whomsoever he or she was, never finished the site.

It no longer exists, even in archived form, although proof of Hetein's existence is here via WebArchive, containing a version of his/her site from 1999, although it doesn't contain any information concerning Knightmare... and, true to Hetein's legacy, none of the links work here either.

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