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1. Heggatty
From TES issue 55 (January 2009)

Series 6. Level 2.

This diminutive witch was one of the inhabitants of Witch Haven during series 6, along with Greystagg, Peggatty and several other, unnamed members of the order of Grey Sisters. Heggatty was introduced as Peggatty’s sister (even though Heggatty appeared two episodes before Peggatty) although it is not quite clear whether the two witches were actually sisters in the literal sense, or whether they were just sisters in the sense that they were both part of the same coven. Towards the end of the series, Greystagg herself addressed Heggatty as “little sister” which may imply that the witches of Witch Haven were not, in fact, related by blood, but used the term “sister” to refer to all other members of the coven.

Anyway, you can make up your own mind about that – let’s get down to the facts. Heggatty was played by Stephanie Hesp, whose main character was Elita. However, she did find time to slip in four Heggatty appearances during the course of series 6, always carrying the customary broomstick and wearing an ugly false nose with a few warts thrown in for good measure. Yes, Heggatty looked much more like the traditional “old crone” style of witch than her sovereign, Queen Greystagg, being modelled in very much the same vein as Mrs. Grimwold, Mildread and Mistress Goody.

Heggatty was actually flying on her broomstick during her first appearance in the series, but she seemed to be almost as bad at controlling the thing as Mildread was in the final episode of series 2! Despite this, dungeoneer Matt still asked Heggatty to give him a lift up to a high door, but he had to settle for being transported by the witch’s magic rather than actually riding on the broom.

Heggatty seemed to be far more willing than Greystagg to speak to and bargain with dungeoneers. She always made it clear, however, that she would only help the dungeoneer if they gave her something in return. Heggatty’s standard bribe was witch amber (which Greystagg also prized highly, you may recall) and she would do just about anything for it. However, there was no flexibility here – if the dungeoneer did not have what Heggatty wanted, she would not part with anything useful, as Sumayya and friends found out to their cost, when their lack of witch amber meant that they missed out on a vital password, leading to their downfall at the hands of Dreadnort.

Heggatty’s third and final meeting with a dungeoneer took place during Alan’s quest, when she gave him a BEAUTY spell in exchange for a box containing a Medusa Eye – God knows what she wanted that for! This was undoubtedly Heggatty’s most extended and useful appearance, but she practically disappeared from the series altogether after this point. She did make a brief return in the final episode, speaking to Greystagg via a magic mirror about the lack of witch amber in Witch Haven, but it was hardly a show-stopping appearance.

I don’t think Heggatty will ever be remembered as one of Knightmare’s most classic characters, thanks chiefly to her early exit from the series and her somewhat forgettable appearances. However, she did perform an important role in series 6 – she proved that Witch Haven was, in fact, populated by witches! Personally, I have nothing against Heggatty, but I don’t particularly like her either. Perhaps this is the fate she’s doomed to – being an eternal nonentity. Ah, how sad…

Fear Factor: 3 At the very least, she was a witch!
Killer Instinct: 4 Sumayya’s fate was entirely in her hands.
Humour Rating: 7 Always laughing, though somewhat insanely.
Oscar Standard: 6 Nothing at all memorable, but nothing too objectionable.

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2. Heggatty
A witch encountered by dungeoneers during Series 6. Sister of Peggatty. She once claimed that Ridolfo had tried to "pinch her bum". Heggatty demonstrated an immunity to Medusa eyes and an annoying habit of repeating "eh?" at the end of her sentences.

Heggatty was one of the few neutral characters ever to be seen in a spyglass. Team 7 of Series 6 watched her conversing with Greystagg.

Heggatty's name is reminiscent of Hecate, a goddess from Greek mythology who was associated with dark magic. Also, in conjunction with Peggatty, it evokes the nursery rhyme Hickety Pickety My Black Hen - with black hen feathers reportedly being sacred to Hecate.

Heggatty was played by Stephanie Hesp, who had played Pixel and Elita.

Thanks to clips provided by the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel in 2014, Heggatty can be seen meeting Team 1 of Series 6 here, Team 2 of Series 6 here, Team 3 of Series 6 here and talking to Greystagg here.

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Heggatty also featured in the Knightmare-inspired audio play Famous For Retreating, in which she was voiced by Sue McPherson.

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Provided By: David, 2018-07-14 21:33:59
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