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1. Harris
 [Related Image] The name Hordriss used when disguising himself as a beggar (or perhaps a cleric). He would wear a dark hooded cloak to cover his clothes and face, and speak in a different voice.
 [Related Image] Although his disguise rarely fooled people, especially not Pickle, Hordriss seemed to feel that masquerading as Harris allowed him to get away with actions that were out of character: as Harris, he gave dungeoneer Alex a book for Sylvester Hands that turned Hands into a hobgoblin when read (Team 6 of Series 5: see top picture and ITV Children's Classics YouTube clip). The 'Harris' who passed a Medusa eye onto Alan (Team 3 of Series 6: see lower picture and ITV Children's Classics YouTube clip) was in fact Lord Fear impersonating Hordriss disguised as Harris. However, many Watchers did not realise this until much later, and the truth was not freely accepted by all. Forum discussion of this matter can be read here.

The picture below shows a scroll that appeared for viewers in Episode 10 of Series 5. It was part of a CITV competition, the answer being Harris.

 [Related Image]

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