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1. Hand of Atrab
A valuable item which featured as a Level 3 clue object during the quest by Team 6 of Series 6.
 [Related Image] The team came across a gauntlet on a clue table, along with a clue scroll that read: 'Wears well, but only in extremity. Handle with care. Use once.' Although there was a scarf on the table too, the team took the scroll's hint and picked up the gauntlet. Later on, various sources - a question asked by Hordriss in his Level 3 Entrance Examination, and comments made by Lord Fear and Greystagg during a spyglass scene - revealed that the gauntlet was known as the Hand of Atrab, and was "notorious" (Hordriss), an "arcane relic" and a "thing of power" (Greystagg). Lord Fear was keen to acquire it, so that the Opposition's hands could "do the gripping."

The quest ended before the Hand of Atrab could be used. One theory is that wearing it would have caused a gloved giant hand to reach down from above (which had happened in the quest by Team 3 of Series 6 when dungeoneer Alan had donned a gauntlet), and that the team could have vanquished Lord Fear in this way during the 'final encounter'.

The spelling of 'Atrab' is conjectural, based on spoken dialogue. However, the fact that atrab means 'grasp' in Creole is surely more than coincidence. (Thank you to Fury for this information.)

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