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When Team 2 of Series 4 successfully retrieved a beryl/green gem for Malice in Level 3, she rewarded them with the spell HERO, which she said would summon someone long-dead to aid their cause. We can only guess at who it might have been, and what actor or effect would have been utilised, as the quest ended in the Corridor of Blades before the spell could be cast.

HERO was the third spell that the team had received during the quest. The other two were SLOW (a self-activating spell) and RUN.

A spell named HERO also featured in Series 5. 'Harris' bequeathed it to Team 6 of Series 5 when they agreed to deliver a hexed book to Sylvester Hands for him. When HERO was cast, Sir Hugh de Wittless was summoned, and proceeded to rescue dungeoneer Alex by warding off Skarkill. On this occasion, the letters of the spell did not appear on screen.

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