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1. Gwendoline
From TES issue 43 (January 2007)

Series 5. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] Gwendoline was a large, intimidating woman who appeared frequently in the Greenwood during series 5. She was a Green Warden, meaning that it was her job to keep the forests clear of poachers, fur-trappers, hunters and other such bad sorts. She carried a bow and arrows and wore green (hence her Robin Hood like appearance) and treated any intruders in the forest, including dungeoneers, with extreme suspicion. Gwendoline was played by Juliet Henry-Massy.

Gwendoline was privy to a lot of useful snippets about both the Greenwood and the Dungeon, which meant that she could be very useful to dungeoneers, but only if she was convinced that they weren't out to do any harm to the fragile forest ecosystem. Sometimes the team would have to prove their intelligence to Gwendoline in order to gain her help, which came in the form of passwords, useful (even vital) snippets of information, or, in dungeoneer Kelly's case, a token (the Arrow of the Green Wardens) to present to the Gatemaster.

Lord Fear often made it clear that he found Gwendoline a complete nuisance because she was responsible for shooting many of his evil creatures she found in the Greenwood, mainly goblins and assassins. Gwendoline implied that she was the one responsible for blinding Skarkill in one eye, although Skarkill's attempts to get even with Gwendoline were never successful.

Gwendoline's longest (and perhaps best) appearance was with dungeoneer Sarah. Julius Scaramonger had killed a young deer, but Gwendoline was convinced that Sarah had done it. Armed with a bottle of poison but without the Arrow of the Green Wardens, Sarah had a very hard time convincing Gwendoline of her innocence. From this appearance, it became very clear that Gwendoline would certainly have killed a dungeoneer if she thought they deserved it, despite her purported allegiance to the Powers that Be.

Gwendoline was an important part of series 5, as there were a lot of scenes in the greenwood. She will never be remembered as one of the all-time greats, however, as, when all is said and done, she did only appear in one series.

Fear Factor: 6 Very threatening and intimidating.
Killer Instinct: 2 Sarah was lucky to escape her rough justice.
Humour Rating: 1 Very seldom dropped her incredibly serious manner.
Oscar Standard: 7 Fair enough, I suppose, though a little one-dimensional.

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2. Gwendoline
Julia, the Knightmare Discussion Forum member once known as Velda, rejoined the forum twice in 2005, and on the second of these occasions chose the username Gwendoline. However, her display name for the Gwendoline account is 10th Doctor Fan.

Provided By: David, 2007-03-06 14:39:44
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