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1. Grow-Me-Quick
A magic powder that Merlin kept in his study. It reportedly smelled like fertiliser, which is perhaps unsurprising in view of its name.

Motley somehow acquired it, and happened to have a pouch of Grow-Me-Quick on him when he encountered a dungeoneer (Nicky from Team 3 of Series 4) who'd been miniaturised by a bottle of SMALL and wanted to grow. Motley threw out some of the Grow-Me-Quick and Nicky regrew to her original size.

Motley himself was to experience miniaturisation two series later (SEE: MOUSE). (Whether or not he utilised Grow-Me-Quick to improve his chances with Mellisandre is undocumented, but its faecal odour probably prohibited that kind of use.)

Motley's use of Grow-Me-Quick can be seen in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics channel on YouTube.

For other accounts of dungeoneer growth, please see the following entries: BIG, Uppers, GROWME.

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