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1. Great Mire
"Level 3 becomes Level 2. Beneath it lies the Great Mire, a great underwater cavern as big as ... the United Kingdom. Within the Great Mire lies [Lord Fear's] lair and also the object of your quest." Treguard to Team 2 of Series 8

The Great Mire in Knightmare Series 8 was the central feature of the Mireworld. Miremen were native to the region (even though the Knightmare Top Trumps printed in The Quest suggested they were imported from Atlantis).

The Great Mire's subterranean sea could be traversed via the Golden Galleon, from Linghorm on one shore to Marblehead on the other. Contrary to what is stated elsewhere, it can be clearly seen behind the vessel. Although Majida referred to it as "black sea", the water appears blue so she may not have been speaking literally.

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2. Great Mire
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The Great Mire appeared in Series 8.

A huge, underground sea, the Great Mire was, apparently, even further underground than the Dungeon. It needed to be crossed in order to get to Linghorm, and therefore was neither in Level 2 or Level 3. It acted, effectively, as a gateway between the two.

A dock existed at the Level 2 end of the Mire outside the exit of Goth; there was a safe disembarking place on the Level 3 end, as well, outside the entrance to Linghorm. These were the only shots Watchers saw of the Mire, although a wide shot was shown over the closing credits of one episode.

Because the Mire was generally unsafe, and it was crawling with amphibious Miremen, the only (fairly) safe way to get across was by hitching a ride on the Golden Galleon, a handily placed ship. Dungeoneers often hitched a ride on this ship, as did Stiletta, Motley, and, of course, Miremen.

Once the ship had docked on the far side of the Mire, the dungeoneers could walk off and continue on their journey.

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