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1. Giant Amphibian
From TES issue 34 (July 2005)

Series 2/3/7. Level 1/2.

Yes, here we are again - the old enlarging real animals with camera-tricks trick. Like the giant reptiles, Knightmare's giant amphibians were not a physical threat to the continuation of the quest, but rather a piece of technological wizardry, included in the programme in order to entertain and impress us, the enthralled viewers.
 [Related Image] Having said all that, the first giant amphibious creature on Knightmare was not an enlarged animal, but rather a piece of primitive animation called a toadadile. It was a large green creature that sometimes floated around at the far end of the [Great Corridor of the Catacomb] in series 2, and was apparently a threat to dungeoneers. However, as with many early monsters, it was only for show, and could never really have done any real harm. Folly and Cedric were both forced to 'hold off' toadadiles during the course of series 2 so that the dungeoneers they had been escorting could escape, but it was really just an excuse for the partnership to come to an end. Interestingly enough, the toadadile was seen again six years later in Virtually Impossible, as a more tangible CG threat for the contestants in an area called Castle Future.

The first enlarged amphibian was seen twice during the Cavern Range in series 3. There is some debate over whether the animal was, in fact, a frog or a toad, but it was seen behind the hanging stalactites where there was usually a pit. There was absolutely no reason for this creature's existence, as Leo's team discovered when they tried talking to it and got no response whatsoever. Later in the series, Julie's team did not even bother to try and initiate verbal contact, but who can blame them, quite frankly?

The only other enlarged amphibian on Knightmare was a giant toad in series 7. This was, in fact, Fidjit, who had been accidentally turned into a toad by Sidriss. It was up to dungeoneer Alex to find a spell to turn Fidjit back to his true form, which he duly did [RESTORE], ensuring his escape from the level.

Fear Factor: 4 That toad (or frog?) in the cave was slightly menacing.
Killer Instinct: 0 Not their function, however you look at it.
Gore Factor: 5 Depends on how you feel about slimy amphibious lifeforms.
Humanity: 2 Another vertebrate group.

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