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1. Gateway Inn
 [Related Image] A building in Wolfenden. Julius Scaramonger directed Team 1 of Series 5 towards it. The name was a pun, as the building had a gateway in (i.e. a portal inside). The Gateway Inn became the location of the first ever use of a spyglass on Knightmare.

When dungeoneer Duncan (Team 8 of Series 5) visited the inn, he encountered a customer and a serving-girl, who sat him down and passed on a spyglass that a gentleman had apparently left for him. (The serving-girl seemed a lot like 'flower girl', Series 5's only other speaking extra.)

The interior of the Gateway Inn was the same as that of the inn in Greenshades.

Team 1's visit to the inn can be seen in this clip on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel.

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