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1. Gate Tower
 [Related Image] The Gate Tower housed a travelling gate, a.k.a. descender, that could take dungeoneers onward and downward in Series 5.

Mentioned in three quests and seen in two, the Gate Tower was reached across open ground.
 [Related Image] It was guarded by the Gatemaster, who served neither the Powers that Be nor the Opposition and sought to uphold the neutrality of the surrounding area. When appeased, he would open the "Gate of Time" and the dungeoneer could enter the descender. Opposition minions could apparently use "the device" for interlevel travel too, subject to the Gatemaster's conditions.

This was the first time since Series 3 that we saw the same site in three ways: in this case at a distance, close up, inside.

For Team 3 of Series 5, the Gate Tower was encountered on Level 2 and took dungeoneer Sarah to Level 3. Duncan (Team 8 of Series 5) found the tower on Level 1, unwittingly discovering that its descender could take him off course if not instructed properly.
 [Related Image] Lord Fear wanted to prevent Team 7 of Series 5 from reaching the Gate Tower, even though the team was told that Smirkenorff was the way into and out of Level 2.

The field around the Gate Tower was derived from photography of Hedingham Castle. In some quests, the castle was seen in place of the Gate Tower graphic.

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