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1. Famous For Retreating
An audio play created by the KMRAmDram team, set around three years after the eighth season of Knightmare, and recorded at the SAE Institute in Glasgow.

The cast were; Russell 'Ruzl' Odoni as Treguard (KMRAmDRam), Eleanor Booth-Davey as Stiletta (KMRAmDRam), Martin Odoni as Lord Fear (KMRAmDRam) and Honesty Bartram, Clare Speedie as Elita (KMRAmDRam) and Greystagg (KMRAmDRam), Sue McPherson as Majida (KMRAmDRam) and Heggatty, Alec Downs as Skarkill (KMRAmDRam) and Merlin (KMRAmDRam), and Vivienne Traill as Mellisandre and Lady Brinkatore.

The script was written by Martin Odoni and Ricky Temple, and the play was produced by Andrew 'Snowcat' Kenny and Neal Sawyer.

The play was around seventy-five minutes in length, and was released in five parts in MP3 format, available for free download from the Internet.

The story's scenario is as follows;-

'Caught between the battling forces of the Opposition and the Powers-That-Be are the Grey Sisterhood, now resident in the new colony of Ambrohame.

Desperate to renew her people's dwindling powers, the Witch Queen Greystagg sends an emissary, Heggatty, to seek out new sources of witch amber. During her mission, Heggatty is attacked by the Opposition, and needs Treguard and Stiletta to come to her aid.

Caught in a situation where combat is impossible, Treguard and his mortal enemy, Lord Fear, must each battle with words to induce terror in the other to decide the fate of the Grey Sisters... with the balance of the entire war resting on the outcome.'

The title of the play is a part-quote from season 5 of Knightmare, made by Pickle shortly after the only winning quest that year.

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