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 [Related Image] One of two spells given by Hordriss to Team 6 of Series 4 (the other was called OPPOSITE). It was cast against Malice, when she threatened to destroy Dickon the dungeoneer. The spell caused a fiery tendril to zap Malice painfully in the face (much like one she'd zapped from her face to crumble a bridge a little earlier), and she consequently disappeared.

Likewise, a spell named FIRE was one of two given to Team 4 of Series 5 by Hordriss, the other being called FREEZE. In dungeoneer Ben's encounter with Aesandre, she invited him to 'fight fire with fire'; but taking her metaphorically rather than literally, the team cast FREEZE instead. Having incapacitated Aesandre, the team proceeded through Level 3, ultimately finding their quest object, the Shield. It was encased in a block of ice, and FIRE was duly cast in order to free it.
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