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1. Dungeon Master
If Knightmare is a gameshow, then Dungeon Master is the formal title given to its presenter. Knightmare had one Dungeon Master for its entire run: Treguard of Dunshelm, who explained on his first appearance (i.e. Episode 1 of Series 1) that he alone had "mastered" the Dungeon. In the later episdes, when factions had been identified in the Dungeon, the Dungeon Master shifted from being an impartial overseer of quests to being de facto leader of the Powers That Be.
 [Related Image] Although the Dungeon Master was an in-character 'gameshow host', he was still essentially the bridge between the viewers (Watchers), the players (teams) and the game, as all gameshow hosts are. And like many others such as Pat Sharp, the Dungeon Master had assistants (SEE: Pickle, Majida.)

The title of Dungeon Master was used in the end credits, by Treguard himself on occasion, and by some characters as an address to Treguard.

Please see the entry on Treguard for further information.

Also relevant is this quotation from Knightmare producer Tim Child's interview with Bother's Bar in 2007:

'I could reach [Hugo Myatt, who played Treguard] via ear-piece with immediate instructions if and when necessary. I suppose it's important to understand that in RPG or adventure games, the Dungeon Master is traditionally the one who calls the shots and delivers the game to the team.

I needed to be behind the scenes to control and manipulate events, and Hugo was my front man. So I suppose you could say that I was the real dungeon master.'

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2. Dungeon Master
Username (lower case) of a member of the Knightmare Discussion Forum. dungeon master registered in January 2006 and had yet to post at the time of the account's deletion by Mystara in 2009.

A user by the name of dugneon manster joined the forum in May 2010, and posted a link to a Flash game that featured Treguard's face on sorcerers' bodies.

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