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1. Dragon Hall
A 15th century trading hall in Norwich, Norfolk. It was built by a wealthy merchant, Robert Toppes, who designed the first floor Great Hall as a showroom to impress visiting traders, while the ground floor rooms provided warehouse storage. The building was divided up after Toppes' death, and was host to several public houses in the 19th century. It has since been restored and developed.
 [Related Image] Knightmare fans will recognise the Great Hall as the interior of The Crazed Heifer, a tavern first introduced in Series 4. It went on to appear in four seasons, employing such characters as Mellisandre, Motley, Ridolfo and Marta.
 [Related Image] Dungeoneers were often guided out by Motley: "These here steps lead down into the dungeon."
 [Related Image] Having already visited the Crazed Heifer in Level 1, Dickon returned in Level 2, emerging from a small doorway to find himself by the fireplace behind the stairs. A bowl of UPPERS came in handy.
 [Related Image] The opposite end of the room was also used several times. Team 5 of Series 6 found Smirkenorff waiting for them here at the end of Level 1.
 [Related Image] In Series 7 it was the classroom used for Hordriss' "Level 2 Academy of Magic", seen in the two winning quests.

Dragon Hall is owned by Norwich City Council and managed by the Norfolk & Norwich Heritage Trust. It is open to the public and available for hire. Click here to visit the website.

A variety of events are held there, including the odd feast with "authentic medieval food and drink" and appropriate musical entertainment - the ideal chance to pretend you're really boozing it up at the Mad Cow!

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