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1. David
A first name that was first heard during the earliest moments of Knightmare, and several times thereafter.
 [Related Image] The first ever dungeoneer (i.e. that of Team 1 of Series 1) was David Campbell from Bedfordshire. And one of the first ever advisors was David Hemp. Although their quest was sadly over within the first episode, the Dungeon did not need to wait long for a namesake: the very next team (i.e. Team 2 of Series 1) had an advisor named David too. Unfortunately, his challenge of the Dungeon finished even more quickly than his predecessors'.
 [Related Image] It was some time before a David braved the antechamber again. The next was one of the Cornish advisors of Team 1 of Series 7. His team quested for the Cup, but failed on Level 3. And just as the Knightmare Dungeon's first challengers had a David among the advisors, so did the last: Leicestershire's Team 7 of Series 8. The end of the season curtailed the team's Shield quest.
 [Related Image] David is also a significant name where Knightmare's cast and crew are concerned. David Rowe (pictured) was the series' illustrator, making him responsible for a plethora of stunning and unforgettable paintings that formed Dungeon chambers and locations. Arguably, one could regard him as an architect of Knightmare. He later became a director of Broadsword Interactive. David has a website where much of his artwork can be viewed and purchased, including his Art of Knightmare book. He was a guest at the Knightmare Convention in 2014.

David Verrey was seen and heard in Knightmare Series 3 as McGrew and Golgarach. In the following three series,
David Learner appeared as Pickle.

David is also a forename shared by two of the Knightmare RPG makers. The first, better known as Dave, or as knightmaredave, is the actor behind the characters Funkus and Morgaine. The second has had roles as Drassil, Ghutlar and an eponymous CITV Presenter who sat alongside Presenter Matt.

The current version of the discussion forum has several members who have based their usernames on David or Dave, including the following.

daveSmith: Registered in September 2004, and has reached a post count of 3.

David_Cooper: Has made 5 posts since joining the current incarnation of the forum in January 2003. 16 months earlier, he had contributed an anecdote to the Knightmare Discussion Forum of the time about his good fortune in finding two Knightmare books on sale in one day at Robin Hoods Bay. He is not thought to be the same David Cooper that selected the Knightmare episodes to be shown during CITV's Old Skool Weekend in January 2013 and who sadly died in 2017.

knightmaredave: See above.

David Newton (Wong): Joined the forum in the same month as David_Cooper, and was known as Wong Chung Bang at the time of doing so. Known partly for his 'trademark Chinaman smiley' <¦-), he has made 286 posts to date, all within 2003, and for a while he held a 'position in the board as the top poster that isn't one of the "You'll never catch up with them" three - i.e. Grimaldine Grimwold, Malefact and Emii.' His posts have covered Thrifty Squirrels ('He struck me as the kind of person who would say he was of the opposite gender "for a laugh"'), dungeoneer Matt from Series 6 ('brilliant at playing his part'), a description of Team 4 of Series 4 in German ('Ja, im Seriesen Vier hat der Advisor das Simon "Sidestrafen links" geguidet, und der Dungeoneer hat plummeten den Tackelblöck hinunter. Was für ein Prat.'), Mogdred/moogle jokes, ChuckleVision and contributions to Interactive Story #1, among other things. He was a welcome visitor to Knightmare Chat as DavidN in 2008.

DaveofEdinburgh: An old friend of Juliet Henry-Massy (Gwendoline, Aesandre) who posted on the forum in September 2005.

DaveJ: An 'avid fan of Knightmare - always have been' who made 3 posts on the forum after joining in May 2016.

[Lower image courtesy of Broadsword Interactive.

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