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 [Related Image] Team 8 of Series 4 were given this spell by Motley in the Crazed Heifer. It was cast to quicken dungeoneer Giles' procession through the Forest of Dunn, allowing him to escape the goblins that were heard approaching. "Go, Giles, go!" cried his advisor and brother Brett as the spell took effect [ITV Children's Classics YouTube clip]. While Giles was not seen on screen during this sequence, he revealed in a YouTube comment in 2012 that he 'was made to jog like mad during that part.'
 [Related Image] This spell was only effective because the pace of the dungeoneer's journey through the forest was dictated by that of the pre-recorded eyeshield footage (See: Passive paths). The effect of DASH was achieved by speeding up the footage. Even within this quest, there were occasions when the dungeoneer 'dashed' unaided by magic, proving how pointless a concept the spell was. Except perhaps to assist with the storytelling aspect of the episode.

The spells RUN, SPEED and possibly SPRINT are of a similar ilk to DASH.

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