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1. Cloudwalker
A galleon captained by Nemanor, seen at sea - possibly the Great Ocean - in Series 6.
 [Related Image] Despite the fact that dwarf tunnels brought dungeoneers to and from the boat (as well as Elita), Captain Nemanor was himself cursed never to leave it. The Cloudwalker itself was cursed never to find land (not unlike the Flying Dutchman), although perhaps Nemanor's acquisition of an astrolabe, with Team 5 of Series 6's assistance, helped to break that curse eventually. Team 3 of Series 6 also visited the Cloudwalker, as did Team 7 of Series 6, who were seeking the ship's lightning rod.

The name Cloudwalker may be a Star Wars reference (Skywalker) or, more plausibly, a reference to The Chronicles Of Narnia (which featured a ship named the Dawn Treader).

Scenes taking place on the Cloudwalker can be seen in the following clips the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel: (Team 3) (Team 3) (Team 7)

Where fanfiction is concerned: Surrounds roleplay character Young Grimwold served on the Cloudwalker, and was present during its rescue mission to the sinking Atlantis.

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