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One of two spells that Julius Scaramonger offered to sell to Team 7 of Series 5. They opted to buy CHANGE, with their silver, rather than SWITCH.
 [Related Image] The team cast the spell in the presence of a firestone that had been encased in a block of ice by Aesandre, in the hope of unfreezing it so they could use it for passage to Level 3. Instead, the spell changed dungeoneer Christopher into a goblin! The magic could not be dispelled, and the ice and firestone were unaffected. According to Brother Mace during a subsequent encounter with the team, the cast locked spell could only be undone by someone who is apt to see the funny side of such mishaps; specifically, Motley. However, the team had chosen not to take Motley's bauble from the clue room, and thus was unable to summon him and enlist his aid. The quest was ended by a blocker before any further opportunities arose to change the dungeoneer back.

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