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1. Brother Strange
From TES issue 34 (July 2005)

Series 7/8. Level 1/2/3.
 [Related Image] Brother Strange, played by Clifford Barry, is one of Knightmare's most mysterious characters. His function was basic enough; he was Knightmare's third monk, following Cedric in series 1 and 2, and Brother Mace in series 4 and 5. But there was more to this monk than foul language or a drink problem.

Brother Strange wore the friar's habit previously sported by Cedric, as well as both Merlin and Mogdred on occasions. The monk's face could not be seen at all, and his commanding, authoritative voice emanated from behind a mysterious cowl. Brother Strange was nearly always encountered in dark, shadowed places - like dwarf tunnels - which added to his sense of mystery. He was a figure of great authority, asserted only by the occasional gesture with the monk's magic staff, and his shadowy appearance. Strange was the first to admit that people found him to be "a little odd", hence the name: "He's an odd fellow; a monk. Carries a big stick, and he collects poombs." - Sylvester Hands.

What Hands meant by this, of course, was that Brother Strange collected proverbs. This was revealed towards the end of series 7, when Barry had to provide a proverb in exchange for a spyglass. Strange made him offer a total of four proverbs before he had learned a new one for his collection, and this storyline was continued in series 8. The advisors and watchers were soon encouraged to find humour in the monk's odd hobby of collecting proverbs and writing them in a book: "That will go on the last page of my book: page eight thousand, four hundred and ninety-three!" - Brother Strange. However, this did not detract from the character's cool authority and commanding presence.

As well as spyglasses, Brother Strange sometimes provided dungeoneers with spells, or useful information about characters, objects and combinations. During his first appearances in series 7, the monk required little or no recompense for this help - he was more of a mystery benefactor than anything else, almost like a guardian angel. Brother Strange always made it clear, however, that he was an enemy to the forces of Lord Fear, and was prepared to help dungeoneers in order to see the Opposition suffer: "If you are one of the Opposition, know that though I carry no weapons I am far from powerless." - Brother Strange. He clearly had his own reasons for fighting against the Opposition, but we can only speculate about what they might have been.

Fear Factor: 7 You wouldn't want to make an enemy of him.
Killer Instinct: 2 Under certain circumstances, perhaps...
Humour Rating: 3 Known to have the very occasional laugh.
Oscar Standard: 8 A convincingly mysterious performance.

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2. Brother Strange
Like Elita, Fidjit and Pooka to name but three, Brother Strange is one of the many Knightmare character names adopted as a screen name by a Knightmare Discussion Forum member with a particular liking for that character. So it was that Brother Strange joined the forum in August 2008, explaining in their first post that 'Brother Strange was my favourite character. I just liked his droll phraseology and arcane ways; plus the concept of a wayfaring monk going around asking for proverbs.'

Knightmare Roleplay has played host to a member named Brother Mace, who gave his own portrayal of the Knightmare character.

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