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1. Bolt To The Head
A comedy audio sketch produced by the KMRAmDram team for the New Year of 2009, Bolt To The Head is a six-minute vignette scripted by Andy Marshall, and based on a radio sketch from 1996 by the Canadian comedy team, The Frantics, called Boot To The Head.

The scenario of the sketch is that Merlin has died and a number of other characters from the Knightmare universe have gathered to hear Hordriss the Confuser reading the ancient wizard's Last Will & Testament. This leads to Merlin taking posthumous revenge on them all.

The play featured Jake Collins (editor for The Eye Shield fanzine) as Hordriss, Andy Marshall as Folly, Ruzl Odoni as Treguard (KMRAmDram), Martin Odoni as Lord Fear (KMRAmDram) and Casper the Key, Rosey Collins as Morghanna, and Alec Downs as Skarkill (KMRAmDram).

Provided By: Martin, 2009-01-02 18:43:16
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